Our Story

The first stories were audio.

According to the journal Science, 400,000 years ago or thereabouts early people learned to harness fire. Campfires quickly followed. Soon after the way we ate, the way we lived, and way we treated each changed.

“Stories told by firelight put listeners on the same emotional wavelength,” wrote University of Utah anthropologist Polly Wiessner “elicited understanding, trust, and sympathy.”

It was then, long, long ago, that those people huddled around lit branches told each other about their day.

“The power of the flame is reproduced in our homes through fireplaces and candles,” Wiessner declared. 

At The Modern Fire, we continue that tradition continued by using an array of multimedia tools writing, photography, video and the most enduring story telling form audio.

It’s in that spirit that we partner with brands to use old and new school tools to tell stories as old as time itself.